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Granate Helps You Navigate Life During Loss

Granate can help you plan and prepare, settle the estate, and cope with grief and overwhelm after losing a loved one.

Download the App for free.

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Find Out How Granate Works

Granate helps you navigate the logistical and emotional experience of losing a loved one—so you can focus on what matters most.

We’ll Meet You Where You Are

You can start planning and preparing for an anticipated loss or make arrangements afterward.


Personalized Tasks

You’ll be guided through a series of questions about you and your loved one to create an easy-to-follow, personalized task list.

See Everything in One Place

Your customized tasks and questions will appear on your dashboard, saving you time and energy figuring out next steps.

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Keep Your Loved One’s Information Safe

The sensitive information you’ll need to complete your tasks is secure and easy to access in our Safe.

Instructions and Resources At Your Fingertips

Not sure how to complete one of your tasks? Looking for resources about grief? Our library has all the information you’ll need. 


You’re Not Alone

Our Granate Community is here to share experiences and support—so you know you’re not alone.


Granate marries the practical, the task-oriented, and the emotional pieces of what needs to get done. It is an awesome resource...This app is what people need.


Coordinator of Bereavement Services

at Valley Hospice

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