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Help Your Employees Navigate Life During Loss With Granate

Granate is a free app that helps with the heavy bureaucratic lifting during bereavement leave and offers compassionate support every step of the way—saving your employees and your company precious time and resources.


 Compassionate Company Culture

A positive company culture shapes an organization’s identity, reputation, and success. Supporting employees as they navigate the shock, aftermath, and formidable bureaucracy of death plays no small part. Granate helps your employees know exactly what they need to do when they lose a loved one—so they can focus on what matters most.

Granate | Employers | Colleagues comforting a a team memeber
Granate | Screen shot of the Granate App
Granate | Screen shot of the Granate App

We Meet Your Employees Where They Are

We’ve been there—managing end-of-life arrangements while experiencing devastating grief. That’s how we know exactly what people need following a loss.


Granate helps your employees plan and prepare when their loved ones are in hospice, settle the estate after a loss, and cope with grief and stress at home and work—so they feel less overwhelmed. 

The loss of someone is such an unbelievable time for grieving families. It’s so overwhelming, there are tasks they’ve never had to do before, and it’s all new to them.

Granate marries the practical, the task oriented, and the emotional pieces of what needs to get done. It is an awesome resource...I've been doing this for 25 years, this app is what people need.



Coordinator of Bereavement Services

Valley Hospice, the 3rd Largest Healthcare Provider in NJ

Everything They Need in One Place

Partner with us to offer Granate free to your employees—and influence our product roadmap so we can add features and resources that will further support them. We’re here to help.

Granate | Icon | Calendar

Support at Any Stage

Every loss is different. We support users where they’re at—before, during, or after a loss.

Personalized Tasks

Granate | Icon | Task flow

Guided questions help users create an easy-to-follow, personalized plan.

Granate | Icon | Community

Community & Resources

Our Granate Community and resource library were built to help your employees' manage grief and cope with loss.

Granate | Icon | Calculator & Coins

Legal Affairs & Finance

From bank accounts and taxes to inheritance and contracts, our secure safe helps you keep everything you need in one place.


Download Our One-Pager

Granate is a free resource for a limited time. Fill out the form below to find out how Granate can help your organization.

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