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Navigate Life During Loss

We built Granate to help individuals, families, and caretakers know exactly what to do before and after losing a loved one—so they can focus on what matters most. 

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We're Here to Help

Getting through grief and loss can feel impossible. Nobody tells you it comes with mountains of paperwork too. 


Receive Practical Guidance

Manage accounts, assets, estate, affairs, and more.


Get Community Support

Connect with a community of people navigating loss, so you feel less alone.


Feel Less Overwhelmed

Know exactly what tasks to do before and after losing a loved one.

Granate marries the practical, the task-oriented, and the emotional pieces of what needs to get done. It is an awesome resource...This app is what people need.



Coordinator of Bereavement Services

Valley Hospice


Granate Meets You Wherever You Are

You’ll be guided through questions to create an easy-to-follow, personalized plan, so you feel in control and save countless hours navigating tasks.


And our resource library offers helpful tools for completing tasks, prioritizing self-care, and managing grief. 

Everything You Need in One Place

Granate’s personalized plan, tools, and resources will leave you feeling more confident dealing with the logistic and emotional aftermath of loss.

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